Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Small Haul

A big thank you to h&m for making these Faux Riding Pants. I originally planned to buy the riding pants from American Apparel until my eyes met this baby. It's comfortable and very stretchy. They're high-waisted and have zipper pockets. There were ones without the zipper, but I liked this one because it's more edgy. There were in various colours! Go grab one girlies! In case anyone of you who are wondering I got it in a size XS.

Stole: China Town, Glasses: h&m, Style Book: Urban Outfitters.

                                 Saw similar ones at Urban Outfitters but this scarf is from Forever21

Can you believe it? I got this from Forever21. It looks really expensive. Such a simple yet elegant piece. I'll be wearing this everyday..

I have no clue how to describe this top! But it's really long and cut out on the sides.. I just tied up the front bit.  I've been looking for something like this for ages! Such a versatile piece. You can tuck the front bit in a high-waisted pant and let the back be on it's on. Expect a lookbook with this top :)

Betsey Johnson Skull Ring

Favourite Face-wash for 3 years now. Only problem is that it's very expensive. But you just need the tiniest amount as it lathers quiet a lot. The result is breath-taking as it cleanse your face and brightens it instantly. You can get this at Sephora or any SHISEIDO counter at any departmental stores.

Drugstore Face-washes. Never tried them before.

So that's the end of my bogus little haul :( 


  1. I LOVE the pants from the h&m. I want them so badly..

    1. It's worth the money.. you should get it xx

  2. jealous of your h&m pants. my local h&m is useless at restocking them and i can't get them online, so annoying! x

    1. aww man! Those pants fit soo nicely though.. But I still want to get the riding pants from American Apparel :p xx

  3. love the top!!!
    thx for followin,

  4. Great buys! Especially love the jewellery and the H+M riding pants!x